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Silk Road Consulting is an experienced consulting company. We are an executive member network made up of Chinese and Australian consultants. We exist to use professional knowledge and skill to help Chinese and Australian investors achieve the best possible social and economic outcomes in overseas market.

Our Service Areas

At Silkroad consulting, our multi-area advisory team works with clients across a broad area of business practice. We understand and are attentive to our clients’ business and personal needs and have the best and most suitable counselors to deliver exceptional outcomes.


Stella Li

Managing Director

Peter Dymond


Who We Are

A dynamic leadership team with best professionals


Australia China Young Entrepreneurs Award

SRC took pride in being co organiser to launch the Australia China Young Entrepreneurs Award at the Art Gallery of NSW on Saturday April 21st 2018. An event hosted by the Penfolds Elite Club.

Australia China BusinessWeek

Australia China BusinessWeek 2017 , now in its 10th year continues to be hugely popular for Australian SMEs and local Chinese nationals to gain essential insights, forge profitable relationships and conduct new business.


We are the consulting unit for Australia and China’s business market and we are dedicated to in-depth research and market analysis to provide high quality projects.

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