The SRC journey

About Stella Li

Stella started her career in China as a journalist, news anchor, and then fell into becoming a general manager at age of 24.  Setting up a new branch business from scratch Stella quickly grew the business to a team of 80 in 2 years, with turnover more than USD 2 million.

Stella’s  valuable entrepreneurial experience was beginning. Over a 5 year period she scaled up the business to become one of the biggest players in it’s market, and finally drove its exit strategy.

Stella had developed a deeper understanding of the full business cycle in the China market. This enabled her to build up strategies for various clients at different stages of the business cycle.  And to then bring this expertise to the Australian market.


After completing her MBA studies in Australia, Stella had the unique privilege to combine her international business experience. She was able to work closely with Chinese and Australian entrepreneurs, provide advice and facilitate investments. She finally grew the platform to one of the most reputable organisations in the Australia China business space.



Mobile:0413 028 117